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Spotlight on Northeastern US

Spotlight on NORTHEAST Regional Market

Team DCA (, a network of regional third party logistics providers, strategically located throughout the United States for complete coverage of customer requirements for warehousing, transportation and fulfillment services across industry sectors from food and beerage to high value high tech invites you to enjoy this spotlight on the northeast region of the United States. 

In this interview, Rob Russo, President and CEO of Port Jersey Logistics, shares his insight and perspective on market trends, challenges and opportunities in the critically important US Northeast regional market and an update on DCA’s Northeast member company, Port Jersey Logistics.

Overall State of Business in US Northeast: Good!

In general, business appears to be pretty good in our area. I’d venture to say that the region is in a recovery/growth mode. I am hearing positive reports during my discussions with customers, peers and other local business owners. I think 2014 will be a busy year.

Industries Affected by Economy, Weather, Other Factors?

A large number of our customers rely heavily on the Port of NJ and NY. Recent activities at the terminals have caused headaches for our customers as well as the truckers attempting to pick up or drop off containers. While this winter’s horrific weather played a small part, chassis concerns and other terminal related issues had the most impact. We “think” that’s light we are seeing at the end of the tunnel – and as always, will keep an eye on the situation.

Generally speaking, we see strong activity in all of the product categories that we service. Inventory levels are good, and product is turning. We anticipate the need for additional warehouse space this year and will be making announcements in the coming months.

Port Jersey Logistics Business Growing

Port Jersey is fortunate to have a strong customer base, and I am happy to report that many of our existing clients are doing well. We have also been fortunate to attract additional clients which fit well within our operations, and leverage the strengths of our existing clients. We continue to grow the client base while enhancing our capabilities, providing win-win solutions for our customers and their customers.

Technology Investments, New Customers, New Sectors and Services

Port Jersey is in the midst of significant technology changes. In February of this year we completed a financial & accounting software transition (Intacct), and kicked off our TMS implementation (MercuryGate).

These changes come on the heels of a WMS implementation which began last year (Synapse).

New customer contracts include additional specialty food importers & distributors and value added service projects, and we have ventured into the 4PL area, acting as the lead logistics provider for two of our newest clients.

We have also acquired new customers outside of our traditional niches, and now have a facility dedicated to manufacturers and importers of building materials and hardware products.

Final Thoughts

2014 is a big year for Port Jersey – It’s our 60th Anniversary. My father entered into the transportation industry in 1954, and ultimately grew into what became the Port Jersey companies, and teaming up with his long-time partner Tony Becker, developed an integrated 3PL that provides transportation, warehousing and related value added services.

On a very sad note, my father passed away earlier this year, leaving behind a great legacy. I am proud to be leading the charge as we continue to evolve, and am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with a fantastic team, and a terrific collection of dedicated customers.

Rob Russo is President and CEO of Port Jersey Logistics, headquartered in Monroe Township, NJ. For more information or a quote on service for your business, please go to

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