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Outsource Your Logistics to the Professionals

Outsource Your Logistics to the Professionals

Perhaps the most crucial element in the new world economy is efficiently moving manufacturing components and finished products among locations. Maintaining a tight control on supply chain logistics allows companies to take advantage of manufacturing opportunities and minimize fuel costs. Improvements in supply chain efficiency can reduce overall transportation and distribution costs, control labor and overtime costs, increase throughput and even allow companies to maintain increased control over customer costs.

Sometimes it can be hard for individual companies to focus on all of their manufacturing and administrative needs while still finding the time and the manpower to keep up with the latest developments in supply chain management and logistics. That’s when it is best to outsource your logistics needs to the professionals. Allied Distribution has become the USA’s oldest warehousing sales organization by providing a full spectrum of services from warehousing and transportation to fulfillment and supply chain consulting.

Through its national network of independently owned and operated third-party supply chain and logistics companies, Allied Distribution puts customers in contact with some of the finest warehousing and distribution services provider in the country. In addition to providing the supply chain solution for most of the industry’s toughest warehousing and distribution challenges.

Professional Logistics Outsourcing Benefits:

  • Save Manpower: Use your resources to focus on production and maintaining inventory levels while Allied executes an optimization study to find ways to maximize your warehousing and distribution services.
  • Save Time: Don’t spend your time trying to search for the most reliable service providers in identifiable markets. Count on Allied’s strategically located warehouse and distribution network to serve your needs throughout the USA and, in some cases, Mexico and Canada with same day, next day and JIT delivery programs.
  • Reduce Administrative Needs: Use Allied for your warehousing solutions and get all of the logistics services off of your company’s balance sheet.
  • Established Specifications: Allied is experienced in the development and distribution of operating specifications, which saves you time when you need a quote for warehouse logistics.
  • Save Money: With increasing fuel and manpower costs continuing to transform the warehousing and transportation industry, Allied helps control costs by narrowing down required markets and performing necessary site inspections.
  • Decrease Facility Costs: Allied Distribution’s six member companies already have established facilities serving New York/New Jersey, the Southeast, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and northern California. There is no need for you to build and maintain additional facilities. Utilize these existing facilities, manpower and equipment to meet your warehousing needs.
  • Increased Financial Flexibility: Once Allied has helped bring your capital expenditures under control, you can redirect your revenue resources towards increasing research and development, expanding your markets, and improving customer service.
  • Improved Economies of Scale: A public warehouse operator can maximize your efficiencies in transportation and delivery by determining whether your shipments can be included in a freight consolidation program, handling any JIT requirements, and reducing your LTL costs. In some cases, a cross-dock program can be implemented to reduce your total costs.

A Wide Range of Warehouse Solutions

A professional supply chain warehouse with a well-established record of performance and customer satisfaction can make all the difference in providing warehousing solutions to your transportation and distribution needs. Allied has an 80 year understanding of the market and supply chain industry and has built up the personal relationships necessary to achieve success. Allied‘s warehouse network helps you be everywhere you need to be – on time and on budget.

Allied Distribution is a trusted supply chain partner that offers clients the many advantages of its public operators. Include the professionals at Allied into your distribution mix and you’ll benefit from improvements in transportation and distribution, marketing resources, packaging and labeling, personnel cost management, equipment and technology costs, inventory management, and bottom line capital management.

Visit Allied‘s website today to download a free copy of “The Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Allied,” connect on our Facebook page, or contact Allied at (559) 435-5810 for more information on how you can lower distribution costs.


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