Allied Distribution Improves Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Improving supply chain management and logistics is crucial to survival in our New Economy.

Those companies which can best control costs while providing an efficient, fast response to consumer demand and market needs will be most likely to survive and thrive. The internet age allows businesses and consumers across the country to easily order products and expect that they can be delivered on a moment’s notice. Innovative warehousing solutions are needed to allow manufacturers and suppliers alike to respond to these demands.

Allied Distribution Services, LLC is the nation’s longest-lived warehousing sales organization. Its national network of independently owned and operated regional warehousing and distribution services gives clients the edge with a supply chain solution that helps them be “everywhere you need to be.”

Allied Distribution Supply Chain Management Benefits

  • Ease of Accessibility: According to Joel Anderson, President of the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA), there are six geographic areas which are essential for distribution centers to be able to service the entire U.S. market. With six strategically located operations in these NY/NJ, Southeast, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Northern California, Allied Distribution can provide single-day truck delivery to over 90% of the country.
  • Decreased Fuel Consumption: With prices of diesel fuel inching over $4.00 per gallon additional pressure is being applied to supply chain management and logistics to control distribution costs by reducing trucking distance and delivery time. Warehouse solutions provided by Allied include freight consolidation programs and cross dock programs that further help control costs.
  • Controlled Labor Costs: Ten states are already scheduled to raise their minimum wage this year. New York State is considering raising its rate to $9.00 with President Obama proposing the same amount at a federal level. These increases could have significant implications for the entire supply chain and logistics industry which relies on minimum wage personnel at many levels. Outsourcing to a supply chain warehouse gives Allied clients access to experienced warehousing professionals who are skilled at meeting distribution and transportation needs.
  • Improved Technology: One of the core trends for warehousing services reported by VendorSeek is that collaborative supply chains will demand tighter technology. Allied’s operators have access to the latest software programs, handling equipment and most efficient storage systems to aid in the flow of product from manufacturer to consumer.
  • Inventory Control: Supply Chain Quarterly reported that overall inventory reduction needs to be accomplished by managing inventory correctly. Supply chain consulting services provided from Allied help customers avoid excess inventory that costs money while avoiding order shortages that lose customers.

Allied Distribution Services, LLC is a Trusted Supply Chain Partner

For over eighty years Allied Distribution Services, LLC has been continually improving and upgrading its warehousing systems and supply chain logistics to provide the perfect response to meet the nation’s supply chain needs. With its strategic network of six technologically-enabled warehouse locations, Allied Distribution helps its customers be everywhere they need to be in order to meet the evolving consumer demands of the new economy.


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